6 Reasons to Buy a Hyundai

While there are many options for new car buyers, Hyundai continues to put out vehicles that are the right combination of style, comfort and value. In this guide, potential buyers can learn several new details on why they should consider buying a Hyundai vehicle.

They’re Made in Australia

While Hyundai is a Korean company, most of the vehicles sold in Australia are also designed and built there. After the completion of the design phase, vehicles are assembled and tested in Australia. For those who put a high value on local construction, Hyundai may be a great choice.

Great Warranty Coverage

Hyundai sets the standard for warranty coverage in the automotive industry by offering a ten-year, 100,000-mile powertrain warranty. Customers would be hard pressed to find another automaker that offers such a long and comprehensive warranty. Additionally, Hyundai offers other coverage for repair and maintenance issues.

High Quality

Why is Hyundai’s warranty one of the best in the industry? The company makes high-quality vehicles that have received multiple accolades and awards for their performance. For instance, J.D. Power and Associates gave Hyundai an award for selling the most dependable midsize car, for its enormously popular Sonata.

Involvement in the Community

Giving something back to the local community should start at the top, and Hyundai has made it easy for local dealerships to sponsor children’s sporting teams and other community initiatives. The automaker also encourages its dealers to donate to and volunteer for worthy causes. Loyal customers know that Hyundai dealers are part of the communities they serve.

Help When It’s Needed

While Hyundai does indeed manufacture top-quality vehicles, it backs that quality up with a roadside assistance program. This program is good for five years from the date of purchase, and it allows users to resolve a variety of roadside emergencies.

Low Fuel Costs

While fuel is still expensive, Hyundai seeks to mitigate the financial strain by making fuel-efficient cars and utility vehicles. With a new Hyundai, a driver can expect above-average fuel economy no matter which option they choose. Visit a local Hyundai dealer to find out more about these vehicles.