Building a Gas Station Through One Company

Today’s gas stations are more than just, well, gas stations. They combine different features on their property to make them a one-stop shop of sorts.

Take the examples of Sheetz, Wawa, and Kum & Go. All are well-known brands that feature numerous pumps for a quick fill-up without waiting in line. Both Wawa and Sheetz are known for their full selection of hot and cold meals as well as convenience foods and drinks. And some of these locations also offer full-service car washes.

Convenience Equals Cash

It may sound crass, but there’s a reason these locations are set up in this manner: convenience equals cash. With the recent fluctuations in oil prices, stations have a harder time maintaining a steady line of profit for fuel sales. So, they turn to other means of making money. If it requires them to add a Subway sandwich shop or car wash to their location, then they’re willing to make the investment.

Convivence Through a Single Construction Company

And the way they get things started is to not work with three or four individual companies. Instead, they rely on businesses like Fastech who handle every aspect of a project.

These companies perform feasibility studies, create designs for the pump and convenience store areas, and perform construction. They also develop traffic control plans, provide car wash equipment, and create retro-build plans to refurbish older stations. Like today’s gas stations, these companies are one-stop shops.

Finding the Right Company

There are plenty of businesses across the United States who handle these types of builds. The challenge is finding the one that fits all of your needs. The first thing to do is speak with a non-competitor who has used one of these companies. Find out what was good and bad about them. If it’s more positive than negative, then seek them out.

Don’t be shy about asking the important questions. Don’t wait until you’ve signed the contract and they’ve started construction to ask them. Get as much detail as you can prior to putting your name on anything.

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