Keep Your Volvo Running Smoothly with Regularly Scheduled Servicing

Children have always had fantasies about the kind of car they will own when they become adults. It seemed that the most popular, and best looking vehicle to a group of teenagers a few decades ago was the Volvo. Many Volvo owners will swear to the awesome performance of the car. This is a vehicle that has stood the test of time. Model styles have changed, but the car is still the master of the highway. The luxurious appearance is what draws the attention of potential buyers. The test drive is what makes people decide to purchase a Volvo.

When you invest your hard-earned money into a vehicle, you want the optimum performance, and sustainability. You expect it to last for a number of years, so you want to always have it serviced regularly by having all required maintenance done. You want to have complete peace of mind knowing that your car will operate and function properly. For this reason, you want to trust an authorized Volvo dealer. The Volvo and dealer promise is to make your life easier by providing a combination of high quality, expertise, and reassurance.

If you reside in the northwestern part of the country, Volvo service Newberg OR is the best place to get unmatched service for any make and model Volvo. They are firm believers that the Volvo is designed and built around people. They invite Volvo owners to schedule all maintenance servicing with them. They offer prompt service with a smile, and they ensure you that you will not have a long down time. Their experienced team of professional technicians are knowledgeable of all new, and older makes and models. They will do everything from a simple oil change, to transmission, and drive train jobs. Even large jobs will not take long periods of time. They use all of the modern, state of the art technological equipment.

Volvo also repairs Volvo trucks with the same precision, and detail to quality as they do their cars. Trucks also need regularly scheduled maintenance service. Driving a Volvo gives the feeling of driving a luxury vehicle with all of the extras. The sleek styling is like no other vehicle on the road. In years past, it was the only car with its very unique shape. That is one of the reasons that it was so loved, and the future choice of teens, and young adults.

Volvo was first made in 1927 in Gothanburg, Sweden. It was founded by Assar Gabrielsson and Gufstaf Larsson. Then, as now, the company was formed on the premise of quality and safety. The first models were four cylinders. In 1929, six-cylinder models were built.

Today, Volvo makes several car models, sports utility vehicles, and trucks. So, keep your vehicle running smoothly, and safely by having the Volvo service center, easily accessible from Portland, Beaverton, Aloha, and even Vancouver, WA, and see why the staff is known to work wonders underneath the hood.