A Wide World of Vehicles Offering a Broad Range of Features

When you’re in the market for a new vehicle, plenty of decisions lie ahead. Not all that long ago, it was a matter of deciding between a car or a truck with only a handful of manufacturers from which to choose. Today, the selection is quite a bit more extensive and diverse. You’ll find everything from micro-models barely built for two to sizable vans designed specifically for transporting one load of people after another with enough built-in cargo space to hold a Smart car.

For those who are looking for an efficient vehicle but have little need to fit in extra passengers and freight, the latest micro cars might be a great choice. A growing number of car brands are offering vehicles fitting into this category, but only a few have really piqued people’s interest so far. One of the most popular is Fiat with its adorable, extremely compact and widely recognizable 500 model.

Taking a small step up the size and passenger capacity ladder, you’ll find a broad range of vehicles including coupes, hatchbacks and sedans. A few automakers have even combined the hatchback and sedan to create a new breed of five-door options. Ford, Honda, Volkswagen and Mazda are among the manufacturers contributing highly sought-after models in this arena, all of which give you a nice blend of space, comfort and efficiency.

Moving on up in cargo space and legroom, you have mid-size, large and upper-large cars. Some of the most well-known names making their appearances in these classes are Ford, Holden and Chrysler while high-end manufacturers like Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes and even Porsche have vehicles on the list of models receiving praise in this size bracket. Many of these choices offer a nice blend of fuel economy and power.

Those are only a few of the styles showing up on the world’s lists of crowd pleasers. You’ll also find SUV’s in a wide range of sizes; mini, passenger and utility vans; small, mid-size and large trucks as well as any number of other options. Sports and muscle cars are still wildly popular among those who love speed and power above all else. No matter which needs you’re looking to fill and features you’d like to have, you’re sure to find more than a few models ready to accommodate.