Take Care of Your Transmission

Your transmission is a significant component of your vehicle, and like all systems and components, it requires periodic maintenance and check-ups. Unfortunately, other than regular oil changes, most people forget how important the transmission is and do not obtain regular service. Not getting regular transmission service can be costly should your transmission need to be repaired or replaced. In fact, according to the Transmission Repair Cost Guide, repairing or replacing a transmission is one of the costliest jobs for cars and trucks. Even though costs vary, an average national estimate to repair a transmission is $500-$1500, to replace, the price is from $800-$3500 depending on whether the replacement transmission is used, rebuilt, or remanufactured.

Various signs cars exhibit inform motorists of potential transmission problems. Those indicators depend on whether you have a manual, semi-automatic, or automatic transmission and there are two consistent signs for all vehicles – shifting problems and transmission fluid leaks.

Finding a Transmission Professional

When searching for an authorized transmission specialist be sure to find one with an excellent track record of satisfied customers, where quality is guaranteed. You want a shop that repairs, rebuilds, and maintains transmissions. If you’re in the area, check out Transmission Shop Cincinnati OH.

Shifting Problems

Your car should not shift gears on its own. In a car with a manual transmission, you shift the gears; in a car with a semi-automatic or automatic transmission, the gears shift without input from you. If your car starts to shift gears on its own, that is a sign there are transmission problems.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

There are several different types of fluids in your car but if you move your vehicle from its parking space and you notice fluid on the ground that indicates a problem. According to How Stuff Works, if you notice red fluid near the front to middle of your vehicle, there could be a leak of transmission fluid.

Manual Transmissions

There are some signs to watch that indicate your car is having transmission problems. For example, when you shift gears and hear a whining sound or if shifting is difficult, you need to have a certified transmission specialist check out your vehicle. Perhaps you notice you shift gears, but your automobile’s response is slow, or you hear a grinding sound when shifting gears. If your car runs noisily while in neutral that could indicate a potential problem or if you smell something burning or you notice fluid under your vehicle both could mean transmission problems are on the horizon.

Semi-Automatic Transmissions

A semi-automatic transmission provides the best of both worlds; it has the shift control of a manual transmission but the ease of use of an automatic transmission. There are five signs of which you should be aware that indicate you might need to take your vehicle for a check-up. If there is a lack of response when shifting or shifting is delayed, if you hear any unusual noises when shifting or if you notice your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid, or if there is a burning smell inside your car or your car shakes when shifting gears, you need to see an authorized transmission specialist.

Automatic Transmissions

If you drive a car with an automatic transmission, there are four telltale signs that your vehicle needs servicing. Let’s say your vehicle slips gears; perhaps it moves from drive to neutral. Cars should not shift gears on their own, so that is a clear indication your transmission is having some problems that require the attention of a licensed professional. If you are parked and shift into drive but shifting is awkward, or the shift is incomplete you need to take your car for service. You might notice shifting is delayed, you shift gears into drive or reverse, but there is a delay in your car moving forward or backward, that could be a sign your transmission is failing. Should you notice a leak of transmission fluid, it is time to take your vehicle to a professional.