The Four Benefits of Using Fidgits For Promotional Gifts

The fidget spinner is an astoundingly simple toy that has gained millions of dedicated users in a very short period of time. Many companies are marketing these items as a way to soothe anxiety and restlessness. Most people are uninterested in them for this purpose and only want them because they are colorful and fun. What is absolutely certain about these small spinners is that they are mesmerizing and never fail to attract attention. These two facts make fidgets the perfect promotional gift.

Consider the Colors

Fidget spinners come in a rainbow of colors and there are a number of variations of the design. Some are solid colors and others have flashing lights that activate when they toy is put into motion. They make an amazingly attractive and attention-grabbing display when stacked together. Businesses are always looking for a way to draw traffic at trade shows and other events and a brilliant display of whirling colors is an instant hit.

Remember the Size

Some promotional items are bulky or heavy. Dragging cases of these gifts to events or finding places to store them at the business location is often inconvenient. Fidgets are small and lightweight so neither of these problems is a concern. In addition, their small size makes them perfect for gift bags or to add to customer shipments without adding too much bulk.

Place a Logo

The central axis of the spinner is a blank canvas and is the perfect location for printing a company name and logo. This makes the information impossible to ignore whenever the spinner is picked up or used. This center section activates the movement and is on every spinner no matter what design is chosen.

Remember Their Popularity

Fidgit spinners are sought after by adults and children. They frequently sell out in shops and many people are amassing huge collections of the toys. The desirability of the fidget spinner will encourage people to come to the business for their own freebie.

Taking advantage of certain trends for promotional items is a smart marketing move. It is also a great way to keep the promotional offers enticing and fresh rather than always passing out the same t-shirts, hats and lanyards. Spinners are the most easily identified toy at the moment so everyone should take advantage of its appeal.