Tow Truck Operators Are Highway Superheroes

The tow truck industry is one of those industries that doesn’t get a lot of attention until you blow a tire, or you late model automobile conks out for no apparent reason. When you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, a tow truck operator becomes your new best friend. Once that friend saves you from a disastrous situation, the truck and the operator vanish, and they become a memory. Towing service operators are the superheroes of the automobile industry. They do what they have to do with no fanfare. These superheroes are always waiting to rescue another mortal when the time comes.

If that description sounds a little off the edge, then you may be one of those people who are fortunate enough to go from point A to point B without incident. But the chances you will need a towing service are high because there are more vehicles on the road, and those vehicles tend to be a little finicky from time to time. Another interesting fact about towing service operators is, they are members of the first responder group when vehicles collide for one reason or another. Tow truck operators may not wear a neat uniform, but they are an important part of getting damaged cars off the road.

Tow truck services are not new. The towing industry is almost 100 years old. One tow truck legend claims the driver of a Ford Model T lost control of his Tin Lizzie in 1916, and he found himself in the Chickamauga Creek in Chattanooga. The man’s brother was a gas station operator, and he brought ten men to the creek to help his brother. It took those men eight hours to do the job. A light bulb went off in the service station operator’s mind. He could make money towing cars when they broke down. The towing industry got off the ground in Chattanooga, and the industry is now a multi-billion-dollar industry. There is even an International Towing and Recovery Museum and Hall of Fame in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The good news is, towing services are everywhere these days. People stuck on the highway or a street in Las Vegas know the Vegas Towing Service will come to their rescue. Vegas is not the place to break down or have an accident, but if an accident occurs Vegas Towing Service is ready to help 24 hours-a-day. Some folks wonder if there is a “tow truck near me?” And the answer is yes. There is a towing service near every “me” in the country. There are more than 38,000 towing services around the country, and more than 86,000 tow truck operators are ready to help you in your time of need.

There are superheroes working round the clock in every city in America, but they don’t dress the part. They are people like the guy next store, the woman sitting next to you in church, or the mechanic that works at your local service station. Tow trucks have come a long way in the last 100 years, and the people who operate them, and the services they offer, have too.